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Socks for Water

Around the world, contaminated water is one of the leading causes of death. In fact, 1 in 9 people don’t have access to clean water and every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease.

We are not ok with this! Everyone deserves access to clean water and sometimes providing access can be as simple as providing a water filter or rainwater cistern.

This is where you come in. We believe with our brand, Statement Sockwear, we can help bring change together.

By partnering with 20 Liters, a non-profit organization providing sustainable water filtration resources in Africa, each pair of Statement Sockwear provides 100 days of clean drinking water for 1 person.

The funds we provide to 20 Liters will be used directly to purchase the supplies to build filters, distribute them, and train individuals to install and maintain the filters.

So your Statement Sockwear socks actually make more than just a fashion statement. Your socks can make an impact by improving the lives of those in need of clean water.

Meet the Team

Ryan Preisner

Co-founder and CEO of boldSOCKS and Statement Sockwear, Ryan lives, sleeps (if he gets any) and breathes socks.

Adam Whitmore

Co-founder and influencer of boldSOCKS and Statement Sockwear, Adam eats the same exact breakfast every day, loves spreadsheets, baseball, music, his family and bold patterned socks.

Dan Manshaem

Co-founder and risk-taker of boldSOCKS and Statement Sockwear, Dan pushes and tests the limits of being bold.

Ryan Roff

Co-founder and visionary of Statement Sockwear, Ryan represents the team’s right side of the brain doing all things creative for Statement Sockwear.

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